Best Tourist Attraction of Dinajpur District Bangladesh.

Dinajpur District has more tourist attract places

Dinajpur district is the largest of the six districts of North Bengal (Rangpur division). This region is geologically part of the Indian plate that was part of originated in the Early Jurassic period. Dinajpur district old name Gondwanaland. It is reported that one of the Dinaj or Dinaraj king of the area as royal family is the founder. Later the British rulers overthrew the Ghoraghat government and formed a new district named “Dinajpur” in honor of the king.

Location of Dinajpur District

Dinajpur district is situated in the northwestern part of the Rangpur Division in Bangladesh. The average height of this district from sea level is 112 feet to 120 feet and the total area 3437.98 sq km. It is enclosed by some Bangladesh part and Some India part. Dinajpur district in the north districts Thakurgaon and in the south portion of districts, Panchagarh, Gaibandha and in the east portion of districts Joypurhat Nilphamari and Rangpur. The states of West Bengal of India portion in the west. The main rivers flow of the district is the Dhepa, the Punarbhaba, and the Atrai rivers. The geographical location in between 25°10′ and 26°04′ north latitudes and in between 88°23′ and 89°18′ east longitudes of Dinajpur District.


Best Tourist Point in Dinajpur District

Dinajpur district comprises in the Rangpur division. It is an aged district in Bangladesh. The history of Dinajpur, a tradition of literary culture, is very old and rich. According to experts, the soil of Dinajpur, adjacent to the soil of ancient places of millions of years such as the small Nagpur mountains, Vindhya of India, etc. An advanced civilization developed from an unknown moment on the banks of the Kartoa River described as a large and well-traveled river in Chinese and European travelers. It can be referred to as a Karatoya civilization since it is built on the banks of the Karatoya. For this reason, there are many ancient artifacts.

 Dinajpur Rajbari
 Kantozir Temple
 Dhakeshari Temple
 Noyabad Mosque
 Shopnopuri Artificial Amusement Park
 Ram Sagor
 Shukh Sagor and Mata Sagor
 Birol Land-Port
 Chehelgazi Mosque & Shrine
 Hili Land-Port
 Shitakot Bihar
 Singra Forest
 Sura Mosque
 Shita coat Buddhist Bihar
 Setabganj Sugar Mill
 Suja Mosque
 Shingha Duar Palace
 Shalbon Nation Park
 Moddhapara Hard Rock Mine
 Gorashohid Boro Moydan
 Ghughu –Danga Zominder Bari
 Durbasagor
 Aowkora Mosque
 Ananda Sagar
 Gopalganj twin temple – Dinajpur
 Rajarampur Rose Merry Church, Dinajpur
 Dinajpur museum
 Mohonpur Raber Drame
 Haji Danesh Science and Technology University
 Graveyard of Chehel Gazi

Ghughu –Danga Zominder Bari and Pathorghata in Dinajpur

Gopalganj twin temple – Dinajpur

‘Gopalganj twin temple’ local people known as Gopalganj Jora Mandir also called Gopal Mandir. adjacent 100-meter distance has two temples, for this reason, it called Jora mandir or twin temple. According to the history the Jora Mandir was established in (1722-1752) in 1676 Shaka era (1754 AD) builder by Raja Ramnath. The vicinity area of their own houses was built around the temple. Two temples are a 25 Ratna twelve-sided structure, the other is a 5 Ratna quadrangular temple. Both of those temples are three floors and its roof as a dome. It has stairs to rise the second floor at the top or third floor of the temples and these Stairs are non-leveled and through a very narrow pathway also there are no lights with darkness so, it was so difficult to get at the top. At the present time, the condition of both the temples is very embezzlement and serious damage to the structural design because of lacking care. Many herbs or small size trees grow in temples area.
Gopalganj Jora Temple is situated in Gopalganj village 4 km north of Dinajpur district.

Rajarampur Rose Merry Church, Dinajpur

Rajarampur Rose Marry church is also called Rajarampur Jopmala Rani Mary Tirtho Mondir. The architectural design of the church is very gorgeous, outside white color increase the beauty of the church. Around many trees and front a small pond. It becomes a tourist point in Dinajpur District. There are some rules like don’t permit to take photographs of the church. Rose marry church open for the visitor but don’t enter before the 9:00 am in the morning. people want to visit the church premise freely.
Rose Mary Church is situated at Rajarampur village nearer to the Mata Sagor and also “Shaotal Para”(Shaotal a tribe of Bangladesh). Dinajpur Sadar, Rangpur Division in Bangladesh. From the town you can go using a rickshaw or a battery-driven auto-rickshaw road is really nice one through the typical Bangladeshi villages. It might take time around 25-30 minutes by rickshaw to reach near this destination.

Dinajpur museum

Dinajpur museum is a Zoological Museum. It is situated in Dinajpur Govt. college, Dinajpur. It is the big museum of the northern portion, the Rangpur division in Bangladesh. Usually, it is a lab of the Zoology department in Dinajpur Govt. college. A big skeleton in this museum. There is numerous kind of collection like various species bird in some species are defunct and endangered. Different species fish, living different water as sea fish, sweet water fish. There is some collection very fantastic and unbelievable like oceanic creatures and one cell creature like Amiba. Especially there is human fetus figure convenience for description. Full Human Cucumber has in the museum. A lot of collection of these people unknown. It is called a small zoo. So Zoology interested person don’t miss the trip to the museum.

Haji Danesh Science and Technology University, Dinajpur

First Science and Technology University in the northern region of Bangladesh is the Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University and it is located away from 13km north of the urban Dinajpur which is the place at a beautiful and scenic. It is connected by the side of the intercity highway that links Dinajpur to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It was established as an AETI ( Agricultural Extension Training Institute) to award a three-year diploma in agriculture. Then, Agricultural Extension Training Institute was changed to Hajee Mohammad Danesh Agricultural College in 1988 having an accession from the Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh after the college was upgraded to the status of a university renaming as Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University. First batch the students were admitted at that time and their session 1999-2000.

Graveyard of Chehel Gazi

Chehalgazis are an important part and parcel of the history of the Dinajpur district. Chehalgazis emerged with the message of Islam during the governance of King Gopal. In the fierce battle with King Gopal’s soldier in the interest of justice, the Mujahideen were martyred but the honor of great Ghazati was gained in the hearts of the devotees. The Gazis are forty in number, and their 54-foot-long tomb is known as the Chehelgazi shrine, located on the northern outskirts of Dinajpur. Besides, there are two mausoleums of 84 feet and 48 feet long in Garmmalikpur of Dinajpur and Duhsuh village of Khansama, which are known as Ganj martyr and Chehelgazi respectively.

Dinajpur City Park

Dinajpur city Park is a digital and modest park in the Dinajpur town. It is a very helpful place for refreshments and spends your leisure time with family and friends. The city park environment is so nice for Numerous flower trees different species and natural beauty of green carpet with grass. Different artificial monuments and many rides for the kids that attract the interest of children specifically. Dinajpur city park is one of the popular entertainment spots because every generation spends their time. Every weak, especially a musical concert is arranged with the country famous artist for the visitors to this park. City park does not make a long time ago, it is built 03 September 2010( 19 vadro 1417 in Banga year)
Dinajpur city park is build up North Goshaipur and Bangibacha brize near Dinajpur city. When you travel the Dinajpur city, don’t miss the trip

Artificial Waterfall Mohonpur, Dinajpur

A Rubber Dam is being built on the Atrai river in Dinajpur to make a reservoir that usually dries up in the unproductive season facilitating irrigation using surface water instead of underground water and fish cultivation. It is 135-meter long and four-meter high will create a 44- km long reservoir in the river. Cylindrical types of rubber fabrics are placed across channels, streams, and weir or dam crests to raise the upstream water level when inflated. Officials say around 7,000 hectares of land in nine unions of two Upazilas in the district agriculture extension will be irrigated using water from the reservoir for the cultivation of rice and other crops but about 5,000 hectares of land in the areas are under the irrigation system using underground water because of few problems. Farmers and fishermen in five unions in Dinajpur Sadar Upazila and four unions in Chirirbandar Upazila will benefit from the dam include the unions are Sheikhpura, Fazilpur, Sasra, Uthrail and Shankarpur in Sadar Upazila, and Saitara, Abdulpur, Bhiyail and Auliyapur in Chirirbandar Upazila in Dinajpur District.
Mohonpur Rubber Dam (artificial waterfall) not only helps irrigation system and cultivation fish but also build up tourist center. It is a very beautiful waterfall like Goriber, Nafakhum Due to its beauty it is called 2’nd Nafakhum of Bangladesh, Nafakhum is a natural waterfall situated in Bandarban, It is the largest rubber dam in Bangladesh. If you want to gain the experience of Nafakhum in a very cheap budget and easily Mohonpur Rubber dam is your place. This place is enjoyable to spend leisure time. Don’t miss the trip to the charming full place. Mohonpur Rubber Dam is located Mohonpur village, Chirirbandar Upazila in Dinajpur District. about 20 KM from the main town of Dinajpur.

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